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Nate & Jacob Reimer

Serve the story. That’s what it’s all about. Screenwriting, songwriting, prose, filmmaking, photography—it’s all storytelling to me….

Each morning on our walk to school, my five-year old son, Jacob, asks me to tell him a story. He asks for another story on the way home, and a few more before bed. The kid just can’t get enough, preferring stories with recurring characters like Bruce Wayne and Alfred, Shredder, Shrek, Rubble, and The Joker. He knows the lay of the land, but never quite knows where his heroes will take him—and neither do I. His desire for story reminds me of just how primal our need for story is, and how I’ve been chasing it my whole life.

After a year at film school, I spent the next decade writing, directing, shooting and cutting several short films, including: All But Gone, My Beaten Heart, The Keys, Hitchhiker from Hell, Comeback Jack, and  Twelve Martinis.

I recently wrote a screenplay called  The Losing Streak, which offers a glimpse into the life of a man fresh-off a divorce who struggles to rediscover his self-identity. We we have just started production on this short, and I’m so excited to be working on a film again. I look forward to sharing it short one day soon.

The writing bug hit me hard, and has kept me busy my entire adult life. And as much as I enjoy screenwriting, the medium is quite limiting. I’ve always wanted to try my hand as a novelist and recently converted a feature-length screenplay to prose. The Swift Current, set in the late 60s, is centered around tow musician friends—one of whom, Skip Brown, effortlessly writes catchy rock songs while the other, Vincent Avant, plays a virtuosic guitar, but can’t play an original note to save his life. Their friendship—marred by jealousy and greed—leaves Skip ousted from his own band, and forced to watch his former friends hit the stratosphere on the backs of his great songs.

Nothing quite inspires me like music. I just can’t seem to do anything without music in my ears. My dad bought me an electric guitar when I was a kid, and I’ve been playing virtually ever since. With an album’s-worth of original material, I’m currently seeking out musicians to collaborate with and help round out the sound.

Photography is a life-long fascination, but in these last few years, it’s become more of an obsession. There’s always more to know, more to frame, more to interpret. I don’t limit myself to any one style or subject. I’m just interested in capturing the moment, serving the story.

It’s all just storytelling, and I’m happy to spend my life pursuing the next tale.

– Nate Reimer