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Nathan Reimer

On our walks to school, my son, Jacob, always asks for a story. He asks for another one on the way home, and a few more before bed. There’s the usual cast of characters who all live together in a mansion on the top of Blueberry Hill in Gotham City, complete with quirky voices and plenty of silly humour. Sure, part of it is ritual, but I see the stories themselves stimulating Jacob’s young mind, creatively. He knows the lay of the land, but he never quite knows where the characters will take him—and neither do I. 

Jacob’s love of stories reminds me of just how primal storytelling is, and how we all crave it. I’ve been chasing stories and ideas down my for two decades, collecting and connecting them. 

I spent my twenties making short films. But when my wife, Janna, and I entered our thirties, we expanded our family, and now have two young boys—Jacob and Bradley. Of course, starting a family shifted our priorities in a big way, and filmmaking went on hold; however, this past year I was blessed with the good fortune to not only spend plenty of time with family, but also hone my craft and upgrade my camera gear. The skills I’ve learned these past twenty years have all come together, and I’m very much back in my element. I’m currently putting the final touches on a one-hour music documentary for a client, along with a series of music videos for his forthcoming album, to be released at the end of September, 2021. 

There’s always more to learn, more to express, and more to make. Songwriting, recording, filmmaking, photography—it’s all just storytelling to me. And at the end of the day, I’m just interested in getting the shot and serving the story. And that’s really it. That’s what it’s all about.

– Nathan Reimer

Telling stories since 2001.